Best LUTs to Buy for Video Editing

LUTs are really popular recently, with tonnes of packs to choose from on the web. I have compiled some of the best LUTs on the market by searching for social proof, testing, quality and much more. I found that this list features the most advanced LUTs you can find.

What are LUTs?

LUTs, or Look-Up Tables, are mathematical formulas used in the film industry to transform or map one color space to another. They are often used in color grading to give a certain look or style to an image or a video.In simpler terms, a LUT is like a filter that you can apply to your footage to change its color grading.

Learn more about LUTs.

1. Best LUTs Bundle - Bounce Color

Bounce Color was founded by a group of filmmakers/colorists based in London. Working in the industry for 15 years, Bounce Color know how to create the best colors for film. They have worked with brands such as, Adidas, Omega, Tag Heuer, Chanel, Canon and many more.

After testing all these packs we found their LUTs to be the best quality by a mile. Also with great variety.

best luts bundle

12 Packs in 1 Big Bundle

These LUTs are carefully crafted by industry professionals so you can spend less time editing. Created using real elements to give your footage a natural shine. The Complete Bundle which contains 13 packs, allows you to create whatever you put your mind to, so every filmmaker can fulfil their creative potential.   

2. Urban Dark Creative LUTs

urban dark creative luts

Urban Dark Creative LUTs

Designed specifically for Urban environments, Bounce Color a leading worldwide color grading company have created some perfect LUTs for cities.

3. Cinematic LUTs  

bmpcc lut
blackmagic luts

Cinematic creative LUTs

These cinematic LUTs work with all camera color profiles.

bike on a london road
woman singing
bike jump

4. Osiris Cinematic LUTs

By Vision Color - Fantastic presets by a well-respected brand. Vision Color have been on the scene for many years and create visually beautiful presets.

A collection of 9 high quality cinematic look LUTs that turn generic video footage into dazzling cinematic visuals with the click of a button.

Osiris LUTs Trailer

The organic looks in this collection are based on analogue film scans that have been photochemically processed and developed by industry professionals and scanned using state of the art technology. The scans have been converted to 3D LUTs using our propriety, pixel-perfect image matching system.

5. Blackmagic BMPCC 4K / 6K Natural LUT  

bmpcc lut
blackmagic luts


These LUTs work with all Blackmagic cameras. Featured inside are different versions suited for Gen4 & Gen5 BMDFilm Blackmagic color science.

  • BMPPC 4k
  • BMPPC 6k
  • URSA Series including 12k
  • All Blackmagic cameras using BMDFilm color space

6. Filmic Tone LUTs

Bounce Color is founded by a group of filmmakers & colorists based in London. Working in the industry for 15 years, Bounce Color know how to create the best colors for film. They have worked with brands such as, Adidas, Omega, Tag Heuer, Chanel, Canon and many more.

tone lut

Filmic Tones

Bounce Color LTD have been smashing it lately. Releasing insanely great products for a good price. Used by tons of creatives worldwide, they are now one of the most respected companies creating digital assets.
These LUTs are ideal for working with fashion and corporate. They also work very well with music videos and moody scenarios.

Get The Pack Here

Filmic Tone LUTs Video

These Tone LUTs are a great addition to your Filmmaking presets library.
Featuring 10 well-crafted LUTs designed specifically to work well with skin tones and moody vibes.

7. Nature LUTs

LUTs that work well with nature scenes

Spice up your nature videos with these natural colors.

8. Finishing LUTs

By Lens Distortions - These guys have created some great products. Featuring a set of Finishing LUTs that are powerful. They are in a higher price range but you’re paying for top quality with this set of colour palettes.

Finishing LUT Bundle

Tastefully curated colour profiles to develop a cohesive tone.

Finishing LUTs Trailer

Watch the Finishing LUTs pack in action here! Notice the subtle tones which make a big impact.


By James Miller - DELUTS are a well-established brand and have been producing some great stuff. They have some very interesting vintage looks which can add the perfect finishing touch.


DELUTS Film 100 Videos

See for yourself how the DELUTS pack can make your film stand out.

10. Complete Cinema LUTs

By Filippo Cinotti - Filippo is a brilliant colourist based in Italy. He has a great eye for colour and teaches with his own masterclass course so you’re in safe hands.

Complete Cinema LUTs

The VMultimedia complete LUTs pack includes four brilliant LUT packs: ItsFilm, Superior Cinematic, Cassic & Punchy.

Complete Cinema LUTs Video

Check out this video which highlights the impact that the complete Cinema LUTs pack can have on your production. 


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