18 April 2020

Top 4 Cinematic Sound Effects Packs for Filmmakers

We’ve put together our Top 4 SFX packs for filmmakers. They’re all royalty-free and guaranteed to take your production to the next level.

Sound effects can be used to evoke emotion, enhance the viewing experience and engage your audience, making your film sure to stand out. Whether you’re looking for a large collection of audio effects or a high-quality sound effects library, we’ve found the best in cinematic SFX.

We've reviewed many packs out there but we didn't think they were worthy to be on the list as we wouldn't recommend them. Packs like Ghosthack etc. were not good at all. Someone has to filter out the good from the bad, so here is the good:

4. Bounce Color – Division Cinematic Sound Effects

Created by Bounce Color, the Division Sound Effects Library is a high-quality SFX package designed specifically for filmmakers. It is unique, updated regularly and features super high quality 96000khz audio files and offers one of the best values for money on our list.

The library is compatible with all editing programs and can be used with any platform. Whilst it lacks melodic music, this pack is directed at high quality SFX not musical scores. The Division pack exemplifies quality over quantity, and where other libraries can be cluttered, Bounce Color have ensured only the most essential sounds are included.

Price - $51

  • Sound Quality - 96000khz super high quality audio files
  • Sound Format - WAV & MP3
  • Categories - Atmospheric, Bass Hits, Bass Rumbles, Cinematic Risers, Tonal Accents, Whooshes.
  • Whooshes - Very nice sub whooshes. Short, Long, Light, Sub, Electrical, Haunting and Windy.
  • SFX are really high quality
  • Features all very useful sounds, no clutter of useless sounds to fill the pack
  • Created by industry professionals
  • Doesn't have melodic music, but it's directed at high quality crucial SFX, not music scores.

3. Lens Distortions - Anticipation

Lens Distortions have assembled a high-quality cinematic sound effects library which has been curated to contain the essential and most useful SFX. Anticipation is one of the smaller packs on offer as it contains 80 files, but they are super high quality 96khz audio effects, which can all be used in four variations to get the perfect sound for your film.

Whilst it is a comparatively expensive library, it offers high-quality, whilst the beautiful compositions and unique Whooshes can be combined to create the ideal ambience for your production.

Price - $149 

  • Sound Quality - 96000khz super high quality audio files
  • Sound Format - WAV & MP3
  • Categories - Risers, Hits, Whooshes, Moments, Atmospheres. Each category has a different variation of sound - Standard, Distortion, Space and Tube.
  • Whooshes - Very nice variety, usable in many types of films. Sub, windy, subtle and powerful. Also uniqye city timelapse style sounds which are amazing and unique.
  • SFX are really high quality
  • Beautiful compositions of sounds
  • Created by industry professionals
  • Got some unique and great whooshes
  • Expensive
  • Pack isn't very big
  • Filled with Variations of sounds rather than unique sounds

2. Video Copilot – Motion Pulse

Motion Pulse is a collection of sound design tools from Video Copilot, which includes Machine, Organic, Velocity, Impact and Signal. With a combined total of a whooping 2000 sound FX, all fully mastered and in High Definition, you can mix and match across the libraries to create a number of sound combinations.

This package features some great action SFX and transitions, with plenty of choice at a reasonable price. Motion Pulse uses an easy to use, drag and drop system and is compatible with a wide range of platforms. However, we found that this library contains some sounds which you are unlikely to use unless working in a very specific genre, but once you’ve filtered this out, we found that this pack can really hold its own. 

Bundle Price - $199.95
Individual Price - $49.99 

  • Sound Quality - 96000khz super high quality audio files
  • Sound Format - WAV & MP3
  • Categories - Impact (Bass Drops, Crashes, Debris, Distortion Wave, Dramatic Hits, Metal Slicers, Quick Impacts, Slams, Sonic Pulse, Sub-sonic Impacts, Trailer Hits), Machine (Attachments, Gear Up, Gears & Cranks, Locked Down, Metal Blades, Micro Madness, Mini Bots, Pistons, Robotic), Organic (Abstract, Air Pressure, Disintegration, Lifeforms, Liquids, Meat Slices, Medical, Splashes, Stress, Wind), Signal (Analog FX, Beeps, Distorted Signals, Electrical, Glitches, Noise, Pulses, Record, Transmission), Velocity (Atmospheric, Doppler FX, Drones, Epic Swishes, Gleams, Power Downs, Power Whooshes, Reverse FX, Risers, Space, Spin FX, Waves).
  • Whooshes - Action style (car/jet flybys) and trailer whooshes (titles).
  • SFX are really high quality
  • Some great sounds that are very good for transitions and action
  • A lot of choice but you just got to filter the good stuff
  • Reasonable price
  • Expensive for the bundle, but you get a lot of variety
  • Filled with a bunch of random horror sounds that you would never use unless you made a crazy horror film

1. Duende Sounds - Evince

Evince is a cinematic soundtrack tool with over 400 melodies and SFX which can be looped together using a simple drag and drop system. Commercially licensed and made for filmmakers, this library includes free updates and high-quality formats. A diverse package which includes sound signatures, soundtracks and ambiance sounds, Evince makes it easy to change your films mood and tone.

The highlights of this package are its variety, the combination of melodic, rhythmic and cinematic SFX and some very good Whooshes have resulted in a highly valuable sound pack. The first choice for any great production and offers the best value for money on our list. Support staff are genuinely nice too which is a plus! 

Price - $78 

  • Sound Quality - 96000khz super high quality audio files
  • Sound Format - WAV
  • Categories - Composition (Dramatic, Hybrid Epic, Inspiring, Intimacy, Sentimental, The Chase, The Time, Together), Evince SFX (Ambiance, Hits, Risers, Rhythmic SFX, Signatures, Whooshes).
  • Whooshes - Sub, Windy, Paper, Deep, Dark, Bright, Tonal. Lots of variety and very usable. Some of our favorite Whooshes.
  • SFX are really high quality
  • Very good whooshes
  • There are no cons we have found with this pack. It's great value, top quality sound effects with a great variety.

And there you have it! The top 4 Cinematic Sound Effects packs

Our 4 favorite SFX libraries for all you filmmakers out there. Now you can go ahead and check those out, pick out what suits your work best and make the most out of your videos.

Should you find yourself troubled with any of the above, fear not, we've got you! Just let us know info@innergrade.com and we will get back to you with the answer.

Have fun!


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